In Venus, we learn to learn and think, learn to take care,be grateful towards each other and share, learn to inquiry and create.

In Venus, everything we do is a contribution to growth and happiness.

In Venus, we learn to learn and think, learn to take care,be grateful towards each other and share, learn to inquiry and create.

Hua Qing Campus
Dong Run Campus
Zhujiang Campus
Crystal City Campus
Feng Jing Campus
Guo Feng Campus
Kaifaqu Campus
Rose Campus
Telford Campus
Runze Campus
Venus Shunyi

Hua Qing Campus To view>>

Hua Qing Campus was founded in September 2001 and covers a beautiful area of 3000 square meters...

Tel: 010-62656158

Address:No.11 Hua Qing Jia Yuan Residential Area, Wu Daokou Street, Haidian District,...

Dong Run Campus To view>>

Dong Run Campus was founded in September 2003, and was awarded the Beijing Top-Grade Level in May 2010...

Tel: 010-64374974

Address:Donrun Fengjing Residential Area, Jiuxian Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Zhujiang Campus To view>>

Zhujiang Campus with 5400 square meters. Dijing Campus houses 17 classes and over 550 enrolled children so far...

Tel: 010-58632035

Address:No.28 Zhujing Dijing Residential Area, Guangqu Road, Chaoyang District, Beiji...

Crystal City Campus To view>>

Crystal campus is located at Crystal compound. The construction area is 3000 square meters, and it was opened in September 2010...

Tel: 022-88152667

Address: Crystal City of Vanke, No. 518 of South Jiefang Road, Hexi Dstrict, Tianjin.

Feng Jing Campus To view>>

Fengjing campus is the Fifth kindergarten in Venus. It covers 4200 square meters and more than 1300 square meters for outdoor play and multi-purpose rooms...

Tel: 010-63877204

Address:No.28 Zhujing Fengjing Residential Area, Qing Ta West Road, Fengtai District,...

Guo Feng Campus To view>>

Guofeng Campus was established in September 2010. It was recognized as a Level A Kindergarten by the Government Education Organization in 2013 and 2014...

Tel: 010-64716581

Address:No. 629 Building, Dongyuan, Wangjing, Chaoyan District, Beijing

Kaifaqu Campus To view>>

Kai Fa Qu campus was founded in October 2010 and awarded the Tianjin Level A standard for Kindergartens in 2012...

Tel: 022-66221335

Address: The Crossing of Chaohu Road of No. 1 Street and ShunDa Street ,Tianjin Devel...

Rose Campus To view>>

Rose Campus was opened in November 2007 and recognized as a Beijing Level A Kindergarten...

Tel: 010-85710392

Address:No. A 18, Yanjing zhongjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Telford Campus To view>>

De Fu campus was established in 2006. It covers 3981 square meters, 2207 of which is construction area. It was rewarded as Beijing Level A Kindergarten in 2016.

Tel: 010-58766221

Address:Fuli City, No.59, East 3rd Ring Road, Chaoyan District , Beijing

Runze Campus To view>>

Run Ze was founded at Runze Yexi Community, Chaoyang district in 2012. Now the construction area occupies 3000 square meters...

Tel: 010-84999935

Address:No. 1008 Building, Shuian Zhuanyuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Venus Shunyi To view>>

Venus Shunyi International is located at Luneng Taishan No. 7 Villa, Mapo Town, Shunyi District. Adjacent to the Olympic Water Park...

Tel: 010-60428197

Address: Luneng Taishan No. 7 Villa, Mapo Town, Shunyi District, Beijing