Venus Education Group was established in 2001, by opening her first Venus school----Huaqing campus. Now there is a total of 11 Venus schools being: Huaqing, Dongrun, Zhujiang, Rose, Mingyuefengjing, Guofeng, Crystal, Kaifaqu, Defu, Runze and Shunyi International, consisting of more than 3,000 children and approximately 800 teachers.

During the past 16 years, Venus education group have been tested and verified by governmental legislation and regulations, exploring worldwide pedagogy and studyingthe essence among Chinese traditional teaching methods and current teaching trends. Venus education group nurtures a large amount of educators whilst expandingthe team, contributing to parents' approval of educational purpose and philosophy. Supported by metropolitan as well as regional education commissions, the group keeps on carrying out research, vigorously designing teams, emphasizing safety, improving food quality control and striving for success. We have been recognized as a standard kindergarten both on district, urban, metropolitan as well as on national level.

Venus will always be devoted to society, bearing the idea of “what kind of citizens do we want for the future?” in mind. Venus attempts to use the prospective education to guide the children, planting the seeds in their heart to make them conscious and curious about humans, the world, and the future. We believe: under the circumstances of anticipating future life, we appreciate everything in the present, have fast personal growth and make wise decisions.

Our goal is to nurture children to discover and seize opportunities to learn and explore, promoting ability to question and develop every child’s confidence and imagination. We advocate “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”, therefore. Children develop creativity and independence in a child-centered environment. Instead of helping a child to get prepared for life at school, we prepare children for having a strong desire and enthusiasm towards learning and future achievement.

In addition to mental model development, we lay emphasis on behavior mode and independent personality. Our objective is to nurture excellent citizens for the future. Based on the objective essence, we develop our teaching methods and materials, which assist children to develop a sense of responsibility, confidence, independence, self-regulation, optimism and respect. These wonderful traits are likely to lay a foundation on a child’s later achievements and future life.