De Fu campus was established in 2006. It covers 3981 square meters, 2207 of which is construction area; in fact, 794 square meters are used for outdoor play, and 1053 square meters are used for vegetation. De Fu campus has been certified by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs to hire foreign teachers, providing children excellent environment to experience half-day English half-day Chinese class and a mixture of Chinese and European education. De Fu campus was rewarded as Beijing Level A Kindergarten in 2016.

Defu campus has been authorized to hire foreign teachers by the national administration of foreign expert affairs. Besides excellent pronunciation and accents, our foreign teachers apply daily language and various body languages to provide children a great learning language environment. We implement the curriculum <Happiness & Development> from Beijing education department to promote each child’s overall development. Through holiday celebrations, field trips and different social interactive activities, children get chances to experience diverse cultures in order to promote independence and creativity. We prepare life-long learning motivation and development for children.

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Telford Campus : Fuli City, No.59,  East 3rd Ring Road, Chaoyan District , Beijing



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