Run Ze was founded at Runze Yexi Community, Chaoyang district in 2012. Now the construction area occupies 3000 square meters, whereas the other usable areas occupy 1717 square meters. The campus offers a nurturing environment with a 3 story teaching building and a rich variety of experienced Chinese and English teachers. The Venus team is very passionate about building an environment for children. Both by hanging on to the curriculum of “Happiness and Development”, published by the municipality of Beijing, and by employing qualified foreign teacher using the most suitable teaching materials, children can constantly experience the cultures of both the West and the East in Run Ze. Run Ze’s vision is to develop creative and independent people and our objective is to pave the way for children’s whole life development.

Tel: 010-84999935

Runze Campus : No.  1008 Building, Shuian Zhuanyuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing.



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