Fengjing campus is the Fifth kindergarten in Venus, located at Qingta west Road Zhujiang Fengjing compound area in Fengtai district. It covers 4200 square meters and more than 1300 square meters for outdoor play and multi-purpose rooms. , The campus, always being illuminated by sunshine, was opened in August 2009.

Beijing Early Childhood Education Department applied for a program “Child Life Environment, Learning Environment and Indoor Activity Environment Design and Use” at Fengjing campus. Under the delicately furnished, modern and stylish-designed environment, children enjoy the caring and supportive environment to lead a life, learn and explore.

Children are exposed to a supportive environment with Orff Music Education essence and theatre play implementation, which promotes emotional health and positive personalities. We consider self-service, independence and confidence as educational basic elements, and we greatly value empathy and sympathy that children apply in life. 

Tel: 010-63877204

Feng Jing Campus : No.28 Zhujing Fengjing Residential Area, Qing Ta West Road, Fengtai District, Beijing



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